2022,  Fantasy

The Well of Ascension By Brandon Sanderson

The Well of Ascension
The Well of Ascension

It’s been a year since the lord ruler was killed and a decent man put on the high position. Sure the last domain was bad however it kept individuals took care of. Did any of you individuals ponder how you could manage the world once you liberated it?
Elend, Vin and the entire team wind up in the new respectable classes. The commoners seek them for guidance. Meanwhile the old honorability rally their powers trying to get back to the old the norm.
While Elend battles to sort out some way to be a ruler, Vin is spooked by the Lord Ruler’s obscure final words about how he was saving the world…was? current state? what’s more, shouldn’t something be said about those accounts of the fog showing up in the day? What precisely happened 1,000 years prior at the Well of Ascension?

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