Who is The Bookish Dad

The Bookish Dad Newfound Love of Reading


You may know the feeling. Becoming a reader at an early age and then life just smacks you in thew face. Then for some reason you do not have time for reading anymore. Then one day you decide you’re going to get back to what made you happy before all the responsibilities of life. 

I’m going to little personal for a minute. I am 40 and a full-time single father to my 8 year old daughter (her mom passed away when she was 6 months old). I started The Bookish Dad when I picked up The Wheel of Time series again. I found myself not stopping. Since then I’ve been reading almost everyday. I wanted to converse with other readers and writers (I’m no writer) to get back into bookish things and maybe expand my reading comfort.

I do hoped you will come on this journey with me. I would love to connect and know what you are reading as well. 

The Bookish Dad