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Mistborn: The Final Empire By Brandon Sanderson

Mistborn: The Final Empire cover
Mistborn: The Final Empire

 In this world there are two altogether different classes of individuals, the Skaa which are the scum of society and do all the Noble men’s slave work; the Noble Men are the higher class who are engaged with the court framework. The Lord Ruler is the God like figure that has directed the domain for 1,000 years with his iron clench hand squashing any desire for change for the Skaa. The enchanted framework in this world is exceptionally novel it is called Alomancy, which is the place where you can ingest metals on the off chance that you have the capacity and consume them to take their powers, for instance tin upgrades sight and pewter improves strength…ect. The Skaa at last get the flash of trust when a man named Yeden employs the extraordinary stealing team of Kelsier the Survivor of Hathsin pits to bring down the realm; Kelsier like numerous non Skaa has the capacity of Allomancy, as a considerable lot of his group does. However, when Kelsier sees Vin a youthful Skaa theif and feels her utilizing Allomancy he encourages her and enrolls her to bring down The Final Empires Lord Ruler.

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