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Winnie the Pooh By A.A. Miline

Fireside Reading with Gildart Jackson

Fireside Reading with Gildart Jackson

We all know this classic book of 10 stories by A.A. Milne. This is a Fireside Reading audiobook with Gildart Jackson from Dreamscape Media. Gildart has became one of my favorite narrators as of late. I find his different voices for these characters were done really well. Its good to listen to this without thinking about the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh film. His narration is his own and I appreciate him taking the time to put all he can in this release. You can find this release at Amazon/Audible. I will provide a link below.

Let’s see what’s in the book. We have 10 stories about Pooh and his friends. Which Miline used his son and his toys as inspiration to write. This book is wrote in a way a parent sitting down reading stories to a child. We get the following stories in this book:

  1. In Which We Are Introduced to Winnie the Pooh and Some Bees and the Stories Begin
    • Winnie-the-Pooh is out of honey, so he tries to climb a tree to get some, but falls off, bouncing on branches on his way down. He meets with his friend Christopher Robin and floats up with a balloon of Christopher’s, only to discover they are not the right sort of bees for honey. Christopher then shoots the balloon with his gun, letting Pooh slowly float back down.
  2. In Which Pooh Goes Visiting and Gets into a Tight Place:
    • Pooh visits Rabbit, but eats so much while in Rabbit’s house that he gets stuck in Rabbit’s door on the way out. Christopher Robin reads him a book for a week and, having not had any meals, Pooh is slim enough to be pulled out by Christopher, Rabbit, and Rabbit’s friends and extended family.
  3. In Which Pooh and Piglet Go Hunting and Nearly Catch a Woozle:
    • Pooh and Piglet track increasing numbers of footsteps round and round a spinney of trees, only to realise, when Christopher Robin points it out, that they are their own.
  4. In Which Eeyore Loses a Tail and Pooh Finds One:
    • Pooh sets out to find Eeyore’s missing tail, and visits Owl’s place. Owl suggests putting up posters and offering a reward, before asking what Pooh thinks about his bell-rope. They realise that Owl has taken Eeyore’s tail by accident and Christopher Robin nails it back on.
  5. In Which Piglet Meets a Heffalump:
    • Piglet and Pooh try to trap a Heffalump, using honey as a bait, but Pooh ends up getting stuck in the hole himself with the honey jar on his head. Piglet is convinced that Pooh is a Heffalump and calls Christopher Robin, who quickly realises it is Pooh and laughs.
  6. In Which Eeyore has a Birthday and Gets Two Presents:
    • Pooh feels bad that no one has gotten Eeyore anything for his birthday, so he and Piglet try their best to get him presents. Piglet accidentally pops Eyeore’s balloon and Pooh brings Eyeore a honey jar which Owl has written Happy Birthday on. Eyeore ends up being happy with this present.
  7. In Which Kanga and Baby Roo Come to the Forest and Piglet has a Bath:
    • Rabbit convinces Pooh and Piglet to try to kidnap newcomer Baby Roo to convince newcomer Kanga to leave the forest. They switch Roo for Piglet and Kanga mistakes Piglet for Roo and gives him a bath, before Christopher Robin points out the mistake she has made.
  8. In Which Christopher Robin Leads an Expotition to the North Pole:
    • Christopher Robin and all of the animals in the forest go on a quest to find the North Pole in the Hundred Acre Wood. Roo falls into the river and Pooh helps him out using a pole. Christopher Robin announces Pooh has found the North Pole and puts a sign down dedicated to him.
  9. In Which Piglet is Entirely Surrounded by Water:
    • Piglet is trapped in his home by a flood, so he sends a message out in a bottle in hope of rescue. Pooh stays at home, eventually runs out of honey, and then uses the empty jars as a makeshift boat. After Pooh meets Christopher Robin, they set off in a boat made of an umbrella and rescue Piglet.
  10. In Which Christopher Robin Gives Pooh a Party and We Say Goodbye:
    • Christopher Robin gives Pooh a party for helping to rescue Piglet during the flood. Pooh gets a pencil case as a present.

Thank you to NetGalley and Dreamscape Media, LLC for allowing me to listen to this.

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