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The Hero of Ages By Brandon Sanderson

The Hero of Ages
The Hero of Ages

This book happens barely a year after the subsequent book. Subsequent to delivering the malevolent power, Ruin, Elend and Vin are attempting to save the world from it. They are looking for the Lord Ruler’s secret reserve of atium. On the manner in which they are battling Ruin’s beasts and individuals it effectively impacted.
 The story is all around as great as the past two were, with less primary characters remaining we can see their characters investigated all the more profoundly. Adjacent to that we in all actuality we see additional areas from the Empire, we get to perceive how various areas work after the fall of the Lord Ruler. We get to find out about Ruin itself too, we get to perceive what it works and how it means for individuals around it. We additionally get to know the kandra and the koloss more too, how they became what not. Which was additionally very fascinating. The twists in this book kept me reading!

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