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1984 By George Orwell

1984 by George Orwell
1984 Audiobook

I was given an advanced copy of Dreamscape Media’s release of the audiobook of 1984 narrated by Peter Noble that’s being release April 5, 2022. This gave me a chance to listen and read the novel at the same time for the first time. Peter Noble brought this book alive for me and would gladly recommend anyone interested to check it. (There will be a link to this audiobook below.)

1984 by George Orwell opens in April of 1984 in a general public that has been attacked by war and remade under another administration. The novel follows Winston Smith, a 39 year-elderly person and a mid-level individual from the decision party of Oceania. The Party is authoritarian and requests the faithfulness and reverence of its residents. At the focal point of the Party is a baffling nonentity who goes by the name of Big Brother. He is rarely seen, however is inescapable, watching residents from their TVs, banners, and cash.

Winston dislikes his occupation with the Ministry of Truth and the Party that controls him. He invests energy in regions of the city in which individuals from the party shouldn’t travel and writes in a journal he needs to stow away from his telescreen. There is observation all over the place and the Thought Police capture and cause individuals to evaporate consistently.

Winston meets individuals from the party, other people who feel equivalent to he does, and those in the middle. These incorporate Syme, Julia, Mr. Charrington, Jim Parsons, and O’Brien. His advantage before and want to figure out how to retaliate against the party lead him down a hazardous way that takes more time to the dim inside of the Party framework.

If you want to grab the audiobook I’ve mentioned then you can find it here*

If you like to grab the book then you can find it here*

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