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Ice Planet Barbarians by Ruby Dixon

Ice Planet Barbarians

Part One

Georgie and some other women get kidnapped and little green men. They realize they are in the presence of smugglers who want to sell them off.  They fight off a guard and Georgie manages to kill him as the abductors dump the cargo hold where they are being held onto a remote planet to come back and get at a later time. Georgie gets volunteered to explore their new surroundings outside the cargo hold. She gets outside and it’s cold  and snow everywhere. She sees two suns and a huge moon, so she realizes she is not on earth and it looks like something of Star Wars. She goes on to explore the unknown planet and gets caught in a snare. She sees the alien owner of the snare and passes out from being upside down for too long.. ..she wakes up naked and with the alien’s head between her legs and she doesn’t know if she should fight him off or enjoy it.

Part Two

Vektal, the blue horned alien, doesn’t understand Georgie and they spend this part trying to figure each other out. He claims Georgie has his and all he wants to do is protect her and she is trying to get back to the girls in he crashed ship up the mountain, but runs into some trouble while trying to get Vektal to go up the mountain.

Part Three

This was an interesting piece of this book. Vektal saves Georgie from a cave full of metals (like vicious monkeys). Georgie and Vektal tries to teach each other certain words including body parts … Let’s just say it gets interesting at this juncture..

Part Four

They continue to look for the other girls and when they find them the girls are shocked by Vektal and begin to tease Georgie bc it’s apparent that Vektal has claimed her as his mate lol. Kira, one girl with a language hearing aid that was placed on her by the kidnapper aliens, can translate Vektal’s words.  They make a plan to get out, but Vektal and Georgie have to go to his village and get more help since all the girls wouldn’t make it just with Vektal.

Part Five

Vektal and Georgie stay overnight in the cave of elders. Which is the cave vektals ancestors came from. Georgie actually realizes it’s ship. So, Vektal’s peoptare not from this Ice Planet as well. She finds a control panel and turns it on. After some moments the computer comes on and actually tells Georgie some useful information and it actually transfers Vektal’s language into her brain so now they can communicate. They manage to get to his cave (village) and after the shock from his people seeing Georgie, Vektal explains what the resonating within his people is and Georgie gets a shocking awakening, then they get some rest and set out to rescue the girls.

Part Six

With the fascination of more females for mating the group goes to rescue the girls. Georgie sits the girls down inside the cargo hold while the barbarians go hunt food and supplies. She wants them to weigh the options and whatever they decide she will respect…Stay with Vektal’s people or fight the green alien kidknappers when or if they return. They find a beast that has the khui that is needed for their survival and let’s just say there’s no going back now lol.

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