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Barbarian Mine (IPB Book 4) By Ruby Dixon

Barbarian Mine By Ruby Dixon
Barbarian Mine By Ruby Dixon

The story starts up from Barbarian Lover when Harlow goes to cut trees for Aehako to get Haedon back to the caves. She wakes up cold and in an unfamiliar cave with a very dirty and naked sa-kuhi that she does not know and doesn’t seem to understand her or what’s happening to him. All she knows is that her kuhi is resonating with him. Rukh has been alone for a long time but something drew him to her who was with the ‘bad ones’ so he took her. About a year passes and Harlow and Rukh fall in love. She helps to reteach Rukh the language of his people along with English, teaching him about the soap berries, what a fire is, and how to cure animal hides. Rukh takes her to his cave by the sea where they are happily awaiting the birth of their first kit. Liz and Raahosh find them and when the tribe hunters come to the sea for salt. Liz sees a resemblance in Rukh. Harlow is not well, so Rukh warily takes Harlow back to the tribe to see the healer. The first human sa-kuhi babies are born.

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