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Barbarian Lover (IPB Book 3) By Ruby Dixon

IPB book 3 Barbarian Lover
IPB book 3 Barbarian Lover

The third book in The Ice Planet Barbarian series is Most on Aehako and Kira. Kira was the human the green litte men woke up and put a translator implant in one of her ears. She being “courted” by Aehako and she doesn’t want anything to do him. She hasn’t heard the khui yet and she convinced herself she will not because she had an appendix burst at an early age and was told she cant have children, so shes convinced herslf she wont be “mated.”

Since she has the translator, it has made hearing very acute and hears way more than she wants to. She begins to hear the little green kidnappers, through the earpiece, are coming back for the girls. She gets the idea of going to the Elder Cave (spaceship of the barbarian elders) and seeing if theres a way to remove it. She speaks to Vektal and Georgie about going and Aehako steps up offering protection for Kira on this journey…(just great lol..) By the time they leave on the journey, they have Harlow (human) and another barbarian tagging a long to help.

After a few days of going through the snow they reach the ship. Aehako, all along the way keeps trying his advancements on Kira. She finds the main computer and find out theres a labortory on board. She goes to find it, and of course, Aehako follows. She finds the lab and the computer is scans her body and says its possible to remove the translator, but shes got to be real still during the process. She finally explains her reasons of ignoring Aehako’s advances and that she’s unable to resonate for him and unable to be pregnant , and she doesnt want to love him. She’s afraid he might resonate for another and she can’t take that chance. Needless to say, Aehako doesn’t care that they dont resonate for eachother and he want her for her, he can do without children, or a kit (child).

If you’ve made it this far in the series you aware that the khui has regeneration powers….see where I’m going with it. After the removal of the ear piece she rests for some time and Aehako is by her side throughout. Some time later the kidnappers find them at the elder ship and Kira has a plan. She goes outand tries to confront them and they get her and back to the cage she thinks. She actually snuck some gas substance on board and takes them out, you can say. Totally a Kira badass moment.

By the time she gets away and back, Harlow has run off, or so it seems, and the other barbarian is in need of the healer. Aehako and ira manage to get back to the main cave. No ones seen Harlow, so thats a mystery at this point. Aehako past lover shows up trying to get his attention and he’s none of it and the Kira hears him resonate for her and she gets mad and upset, because she was afraid that would happen. She storms up to them and confronts them and needless to say it wasnt him and you guessed it…The Khui inside Kira actually healed her and Aehako and herself resonated for eachother….can we say more sexytime lol…

The main cave is getting crowded. So Vektal agrees to split the clan into two cave dwelling and has Aehako be leader of second dwelling….this is pretty much where we stop.

I can’t wait to get to the next book. These have been so addicting by the way. I gotta admit I never gave romance much attention, but i love it when its mixed with other elements and genres.

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