Reading Journey


I started The Bookish Dad when I picked up The Wheel of Time Series for the third time….yes that is correct it took me 3 times to fully read the series.  When I started the series again in February 2021 my daughter asked, “What are you doing?”  Thus begins her wanting to read more as well. Although, it gets hard when she realizes she can’t multitask, should I say. It took me roughly 6 months to read the entire series including the prequel. At this time, I will tell you how I managed this 15 book series in this time span. You see, I really enjoy reading and listening to the audiobooks at same time. Yes you read that correctly. If you ever can get both the audiobook and the book; be it physical or digital. I learned early on in life listening to books helped me better understand the story. So now I love getting submerged in a story fully this way. I actually played with the speed so now i can read the book and have the audiobook set at 2x to 2.5x speed; depending on the narrator, of course.

More Bookshelves

Before I let you go, I enjoy a multiple range of genres. I will read almost anything, but (there’s always a but) the hardest genre is straight up romance. I will read it, but there’s got be some other genre mixed in like thriller or mystery or family saga (example: Thorn Birds or V.C. Andrews style).

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