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Barbarian’s Taming (IPB Book 9) By Ruby Dixon

Barbarian’s Taming

Maddie is tired, as in bored from her mind. She is not fitting in with the various other people of the sa-khui. Maddie wants to go hunt and learn other things.

Hassen abducted her sister (in a previous tale) however. Maddie seems like he is just one of the just ones there that might potentially will help her.

Hassen had to concentrate on searching so he could attempt and return in the great graces of his people. He sees the yellow haired, Mah-ddie, out by herself, attempting to search. He cannot leave her, particularly when he sees that she has been stalked …

Hassen has consented to instruct her to search. After that, a misunderstanding results in a discussion regarding mating. Maddie appreciates discovering a buddy with advantages, however, that’s all she is thinking about, particularly since she understands that her sibling and others are most likely to be upset if she hooks up with the one that abducted Lila.

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