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Barbarian’s Prize (IPB Book 6) By Ruby Dixon

Barbarian’s Prize

Barbarian’s Prize is book 5 in the Ice Planet Barbarians series by Ruby Dixon. This concentrates on Tiffany and Salukh.

This tale handles a difficult issue: rape. How it is difficult to pass, accept, to seem like you deserve something, and to allow others touch you even a little touch.

Since Tiffany got on the ice world she ought to really feel risk-free, however she does not. So she tosses herself into work and being neutral with all her suitors. She worries ‘Resonance’; since she does not wish to be dragged off to someone’s bed. She cannot stand any type of physical touch from a man.

Salukh is the ever patient individual, enthusiastic, and a good friend. He is silently pursuing Tiffany. However, deep within his spirit he understands she is his companion although ‘Resonance’ hasn’t already occurred.

I truly liked Salukh and how he was; specifically after discovering her troubles. It simply endeared him to me more and made their blossoming courtship that much better. I also liked how they overcome her problems and when they do navigate to all the attractive points sex involves, it gives you warm fuzzy feelings.

We also see a bit of Josie’s POV and what is occurring with her.

It is really addicting and I can’t put these books down. When I finish one if these books all I want to do is start the next one. I truly like the pov style of these books. The blue aliens are wonderful, and dedicated to their companions.

The characters each have their very own difficulties and points to handle, particularly the human ladies.If you like your sci-fi enchanting, amusing, and steamy, then you have to give these a shot. They are incredibly addicting, so be careful! All the couples have fantastic chemistry and there are some steamy parts that are well written.

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